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Song Meme VI - For Love
For Love
Written to: "Nara" - E.S. Posthumus
Kazuki drew himself straighter, and stared his opponent in the eye. "I know you were sent here by Inari herself, Shizuka-sama, but I refuse to yield to you."
Shizuka raised one golden brow. "So you will fight me then? For that human girl, you would raise arms against the head of your clan?"
Kazuki knew he had no choice. He drew his katana, the blade singing as it emerged from the scabbard. "For what I believe is right, I would draw even against you."
Shizuka nodded her head, and readied her naginata. "To die for love is not a fate I would wish on anyone - even on you. But so be it."
It happened quickly, even by Kazuki's standards. There was a momentary flash as sunlight glinted off the blade of Shizuka's naginata, and the next thing he knew he was fighting desperately to fend her off.
He growled softly under his breath. Shizuka had the advantage of reach, that he knew for sure, but he had the advantage of speed. All he n
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Song Meme V - Up the Mekong
Up the Mekong
Written to: "Marco Polo" - Loreena McKennitt
The journey upriver was peaceful, for the most part. With Chandrakanta's servants pulling their boat, there was no fear that they would snag or ground themselves on the shoals. She had heard this river was treacherous crossing, and only experienced fishermen could navigate it with ease.
"Are you sure we can trust them?" Preston Woolfe asked, nodding to the vague silhouettes of the two nagas underneath the murky water.
June de Castro nodded. "They're not going to hurt us. Chandrakanta is friends, after a fashion, with S.W.O.R.D, and we can count on her and her people to back us up when we need it."
"After a fashion?"
"We aren't exactly chummy with her and her folk. The only reason she's agreed to help us is because we work to protect the Mekong and the ancient sites - Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom, especially."
Preston raised an eyebrow. "What do those places have to do with the naga?"
June leaned back, and glanced up
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Song Meme IV - Song Battle
Song Battle
Written to: "Red Hot" - Vanessa Mae
There had never been anything like it - or at least, in her experience anyway. June had heard of the awesome power that the ancient Celtic bards had wielded, not only in terms of political power, but also in magical power, because their songs were reputed to be able to bend the very elements to their will.
What she was seeing was a battle between two bards: Donovan, a human taught by the Seelie Bard Gwydion, and Rordan, an Unseelie prince already renowned for his skill. Donovan's choice of instrument was the violin; Rordan's the harp. Both were masters of their individual instruments.
It was all down to who could produce the most powerful songs.
At first, it had seemed that Rordan had the upper hand. he was skilled even by the account of his brethren, and his songs conjured up confusion, darkness, and cold.
Donovan, on the other hand, fought back with songs of clarity, light, and warmth. He did not have Rordan's experience,
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Song Meme III - Reception
Written to: "Sakura Kiss for Strings" - Hirano Yoshihisa; Ouran High School Host Club OST
Preparations for the reception were going well. June de Castro surveyed the table settings, and smiled when she noticed that everything was just right.
"You know that you are still going to get in trouble."
June rolled her eyes, but did not turn around. "Everything will be fine. They'll like him, I'm sure."
Kazuki snorted. "Your grandparents have very...exacting standards."
"It doesn't matter. I'll marry him anyway."
"That's great to hear."
June turned at the familiar voice, and was immediately swept into an embrace. "It's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding."
Beltran Lucero just laughed, and kissed her soundly before setting her down. "I don't care. I want to kiss you, and I will."
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Song Meme II - Raising Hope
Raising Hope
Written to: "Estremoz" - E.S. Posthumus
The mountains were high, and distant, and impregnable. The stone was hard and cold: good stone for building, for hiding. What was hidden in these valleys and amongst these cliffs, would not so easily be found. What was built with this stone, would not so easily be destroyed.
This was where they would build the beginning of their future.
"This is good stone. Strong stone."
Aldin turned to Tir, who was looking upon the rocky cliff face before them with a scrutinizing eye. "Yes, it is," Aldin replied, and then smiled. "But you are the Shaper amongst us. I would not know good stone from bad."
Tir laughed, and the sound echoed like thunder amidst the crags. "Fear not. It is as you say, and I know. This is good stone. We can begin here." He pointed to a notch amidst the sharp spires. "There. Do you see? We can shelter there while we raise the structures we need."
"Good." Aldin turned to Hualapa, whose gaze was fixed upon the
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Song Meme I - Lost Forever
Lost Forever
Written to: "B.T" - Yuki Kajiura; .hack//Sign OST
There was nothing she could do now. All was lost.
"What am I going to do?" she asked herself, her voice hoarse with unshed tears.
It felt so empty now, at the end of all things... She had thought oblivion would be a far kinder welcome than this, but she had thought wrongly. She had thought that she would be able to live without him, with only a shadow of his memory in her mind and in her heart... But she could not.
She was not as strong as she had thought.
Everyone around her was worried, of course: her friends and family all wondered what had happened to her that she had withdrawn into herself. She could not tell them anything, though. She could not tell them of the great blessing she had received, no matter how short a time she had it.
Indeed, it was better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all... But no one told her about the pain. No one ever talked about the pain.
"I miss you," she murmu
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Twisting Skeins of Time - 3
Phase Three: Bloodbath
“Oh! So you met Celeste’s father, Doc?”
Citan nodded after he lowered his spoon from his mouth. “Indeed I did. He was a charming man, extremely intelligent: a fellow scientist like myself.”
“Wow!” Fei looked at Celeste then, grinning. “That’s really impressive. What did he specialize in?”
“Physics and a bit of mechanics,” Celeste supplied quickly. She didn’t feel like letting Fei know the truth about her origins just yet. “He was pretty handy with machines.”
“Really? No wonder him and the Doc got along so well; they must have spent a lot of time talking shop, right, Yui?”
Yui’s smile was amused. “Oh, that they did. They would spend long hours in the study or in the backyard, simply talking while Citan worked – though Arturo did lend a hand every now and then.”
“Hope nothing was damaged while he was helping you out,” Celeste muttered. “He
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Remnants of a Lost Age - 9
Chapter Nine: Motives
It was certainly the last thing that Perceptor had expected, though he felt that it was only logical for such a thing to occur. Cybertron and Maraxa had, after all, been connected for quite a while.
But his surprise stemmed from two things: first, the rarity of the item to begin with, dating as it did all the way back to the very beginnings of their race, and second, because it was made out of a metal whose properties he found exceedingly fascinating.
“And you say that this substance is resistant to the capabilities of your race to shape metal?” he asked curiously as he held the artifact delicately with a pair of tweezers, using the least amount of pressure as possible, and then powering up his optics to zoom-in so they could take in and record every single detail.
He did not see Meriat nod, merely heard the tone of agreement in her voice in response to his question. “Yes. There are many metals that we can shape simply on the power of our min
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Twisting Skeins of Time - 2
Phase Two: Connection
The first thing that popped into Celeste’s mind when she met Fei was that she had stepped into an agrarian, somewhat backwards world, where there was nothing anywhere close to modern technology, and she felt panic rise inside of her. Had this been a more technologically advanced world, she was certain that her father would have been able to find what he needed in order to create a new machine and go back home – after she found him, of course.
But when she saw Fei, dressed the way he was, she thought that she and her father were both doomed. Without readily-available technology, they would be forced to stay in this world, because even if they tried to recreate what they had back home, it would take more than several generations to develop even the most basic of necessities for the machine.
All of that changed when she met Dr. Uzuki. When Yui had said that he was "tinkering with his junk in the backyard," Celeste assumed that it was some sort of mec
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Twisting Skeins of Time - 1
Phase One: A Beginning
"...but he was more than just a brilliant scientist, he was a good man as well. There are few people I know who are less vain about their accomplishments, and more determined to serve the world, than Arturo de la Luna. He was a man who believed that science should be used for the betterment of humanity, and his work is a testament to that belief. I think all of us here have, at one point or another, been the recipients of his kindness..."
Celeste resisted the urge to yawn as another Dean started reading yet another eulogy. She knew she should have been crying – it was her father’s funeral, after all – but she couldn’t bring herself to shed a tear. Everyone else thought that she was just trying to be strong, and actually admired her for it, but she knew better.
All her doubts were embodied by the closed casket that stood in front of the altar. She knew that the casket was empty, because her father’s body hadn’t been found. She
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Twisting Skeins of Time - 0
"One! Two! Three! Four! Keep your arm steady!"
Her heart pounded against her ribcage, her mouth open slightly as she tried to draw in as much air as she could. That was, however, proving to be a rather difficult feat to accomplish, especially given the fact that she was wearing a helmet that restricted the amount of sound that flowed to her ears, as well as the amount of air that she could breathe.
Through the bars of the cage-like metal piece that covered her face and protected it from any blows that may accidentally come that way, she watched her opponent circling, his red padded stick at the ready. She shifted her footing, preparing her own blue padded stick, holding it slightly in front of her chest.
She focused on her heartbeat, hearing the sound like a metronome in her mind.
She shifted footing just as her opponent raced at her, his stick poised to strike at her head – again. She had noted, for quite some ti
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For Tessombra
It was kind of like listening to a train rumble through a tunnel. He couldn’t see the train that was coming towards them all, but he could hear it – or sense it, anyway. Sometime soon, or maybe sometime later, it was going to hit, and how they would handle it…well, that remained to be seen.
In the meantime, though, they had other things to think of: an entity to fight, and people to love. There was so much that needed to be done, still. He could only hope that, when the train finally hit, it wouldn’t be so bad.
Of course, Ratchet was aware it was all just wishful thinking. When the train that was the inevitable End finally exited the tunnel and smashed into them all, everything would change, and nothing would remain the same. There would be no happy endings for any of them.
Maybe that was why passions were bright and powerful between those who had chosen to take the risk and listen to the call of their sparks. They were all around him, loving a
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For Blackpearleyes
Summer Day
The sky above was a clear, pristine blue, with only a few feathery clouds high up in the sky to block the sun a little every now and then. A cool breeze swept past his cheek, bringing with it the scent of green things growing and the sound of children laughing, and underneath that, the distant honking of car horns.
Benjamin – or Ben, as he was most often called – could not have been happier, more so since it was the first weekend since school ended for summer vacation. There was always a sense of infinite potential on weekends like this, the feeling that they could stretch out, going on and on into eternity.
Or at least until fall came, of course.
“I don’t know why I let you talk me into this.”
Ben smirked at his current companion. “Hey, you lost the toss. I even let you call it.”
Clive rolled his eyes as he tucked his hands into the back pockets of his jeans. “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”
The decision to go to Central Park wasn&
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Running from Shadows - 2
Running from Shadows - Part II
Prowl moved quickly and steadily through the hallways, ignoring any passing Autobots, and instead focusing on making a beeline towards the source of the high-pitched, anger-filled wail that had only moments before flooded his audios over his private comm. link and caused him to flinch.
At last, he reached the quarters he had meant to arrive at, and as soon as he opened the door he was greeted by a scene that he knew would trouble him for a while to come.
Nightraid was standing in the middle of the quarters she shared with Shadowrunner – or what was left of it, given how several items and consoles were now either lying on the floor or smashed to pieces. Nightraid herself practically vibrated with the strength of her emotions, and her optics were a brilliant light blue, almost white: a clear indication of the anger that was coursing through her.
“’Raid?” he asked softly, tentatively stepping into the room, making sure to avoid wha
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Mature content
Deep In Your Heart :iconautobotvierge:autobotvierge 5 50
Running from Shadows - 1
Running from Shadows - Part I
Two weeks. Sunstreaker had been counting, and it had been two slagging weeks. That was far, far too long for them to be away on a mission, not when they were usually back within a week – hell, within a day, as was often the case.
But two weeks? That was just ridiculous. Something had to have gone wrong, and Primus damn him if he didn’t do anything about it.
He strode into the Command Center then, all but steaming around his head vents. He walked over to where Blaster was plugged into Teletraan-One, and grasped the red Autobot’s shoulder in a grip that caused the Communication Officer to actually squawk and turn to look up at him. “Sunstreaker? What the-”
“Have you heard anything from them?” Sunstreaker’s tone was deceptively calm and mild, but there was no mistaking the near-white glow of his optics. Sunstreaker was worried, and when he was worried, he got mad. Unfortu
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Sorry for having disappeared on everyone. I'm not really back-back, but the worst of the crisis is over - at least for now. The creative well has dried up, so I don't know when I can start writing stories again. But at least, for the meantime, I intend to get back in here again.

It's been altogether too difficult without support, but I needed to do this alone for a while. Sorry to everyone if I've been any trouble or bother or if my disappearance has caused any problems. It has been, as I said, an awful time, and feels longer than the couple of months that I've been gone.
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